UAH Students Have a Better Option!

Looking for the top UAH bookstore in Huntsville? You’re in the right place!

Infinity College Bookstore is the best college bookstore in Huntsville. We offer the lowest prices in town on UAH textbooks. Plus, we have tons of used books.

The store is right down the street from UAHuntsville. Here is a map and directions, plus our store hours.

So what does Infinity offer, and what is the best choice for you?

We have new textbooks, which are a good choice if you’re looking for a book in top condition. If you want to keep the book for reference beyond your college years, it’s nice to have one with only your markings in it. The downside, of course, is that new textbooks are costly. Ours are at least 10% cheaper than on campus, so that helps!

Used textbooks, when available, are a very popular choice. They are often $20, $30, or even $60 cheaper than a new book! A used book is great when you don’t plan to keep it after your class ends.

The drawback with used books is that they may have some highlighting, writing, or markings in them, but there are usually quite a few in our inventory in really good shape.

You can check out our online store to view prices for new and used textbooks.

Our new UAH bookstore has another great option: textbook rentals. Rentals typically cost around half the price of a new book. You simply pay the rental price, use the book for your class, and return the book to the bookstore at the end of the semester. You can write and highlight in the book in moderate amounts. Check out the full details of our textbook rental program.

Renting is the cheapest (and quite possibly the best) option. It’s easier to rent because you won’t have to sell a book after finals. You’ll just drop it off when the semester ends.

Textbook rentals are also a flexible solution. If you decide you’d like to keep the rented book, you can buy it later on. For instance, if the rental price was $30 and the used price was $50, you would simply pay the difference: $20. The book is then yours to keep.

We also buy textbooks from students year-round. Our buyback prices are often better than the UAH Bookstore on campus. We even buy some old editions, customized editions, and books with water damage that are hard to sell! Learn more about our buyback program.

The whole textbook experience is usually a nightmare for students. At most college bookstores, you’ll pay sky-high prices, wait in really long lines, and get ripped off at buyback time.

On top of all that, you’ve got to deal with the idiots behind the counter…morons hired by managers who don’t care whether you’re treated fairly or not!

But this doesn’t happen at Infinity. Our prices are lower, check-out is fast, and buyback prices are more reasonable. We also offer a “No-Idiots-Behind-The-Counter Guarantee.” We are careful when hiring staff to get the very best!

So when you need textbooks or have books to sell, come to Infinity College Bookstore and experience the difference! Here’s a page with directions and a map to the new UAH bookstore.