Frequently Asked Questions

What is the return policy?

You have 14 days from the date of your purchase or the first day of class (whichever is later) to return any book for a full refund. After that, you can still return any book for a full in-store credit within 30 days of purchase.

  • Note: The first day of class rule only applies to UAH books. The return period for all other books begins on the date of purchase.

This is far more generous than our competitors are willing to offer. They’ll usually just give you a few days for returns, and after that, you’re out of luck.

By the way, we don’t require any “drop slip” or anything like that. The 14-day or 30-day period starts from the date of your purchase, not the first day of the semester. Please bring your receipt, if you still have it.

  • Note: If we had to special order the book for you and you return it, we charge you a 15% restocking fee, deducted from the refund amount. This is to cover our cost of returning it to the supplier.

What are the condition guidelines for returns?

Books must be in "as purchased" condition to receive full refund credit. For instance, new books still need to be in new condition with access codes and CD's unused (if those came with the book) to receive a full refund. If they're not, we'll still give you a refund, but it will be for the used price of that book. (We can’t re-sell it as “new” if it’s been substantially used or is missing components.)

Condition is not as important on the return of used books. As long as they're in decent shape, you'll get a full refund. However, if they're in really bad shape (damage that you caused since you bought them), we can't issue a refund on them.

How do I spend store credit?

We keep track of the store credit you have on your account. When you make your next purchase, please remind us to apply your store credit. We’ll deduct it from the price of the books you buy.

You have one full year to spend store credit. After a year, it expires. Most likely, you’ll need to buy some books within the next year and be able to use all your credit up before expiration.

I bought a book at another local store and can’t return it because I’m past thier return date. Can you do anything to help me?

Yes! You can bring the book to us. In exchange for the book, we will give you an in-store credit at our store for our current used price of that book! (You will need your receipt, dated within thirty days of your purchase at a local college bookstore. This only applies within that 30-day period.)

That way, you can get something back out of books that you bought at other stores and were not able to return. You'll be able to spend your credit at Infinity within the next year.

That’s about as awesome as a return policy can get!