Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t carry a book I need in stock, can you get it for me?

In many cases, yes. We are usually able to order a book for you and have it here the next day or within two days.

What do you sell other than college textbooks?

Textbooks are practically all we carry. We do not sell school supplies at this time.

I’m not sure I’ll actually need to use the book in class. Should I still buy it?

The safest thing to do is to go ahead and buy one, especially if a used one is available. If you find that your class will not be using the book, you may bring it back within 14 days for a full refund, subject to the terms of our return policy.

The danger in waiting to be sure the professor is using the book is that all the used copies may be gone by the time you’re convinced you need to buy the book. You could wind up paying considerably more for a new one. It’s better to have a used copy that you can return if you don’t need it.

Do you sell my personal information to anyone?

We will never do that.

Is there an easy way to let my friends and classmates know about you?

Most of our customers come from word-of-mouth. When you’re at Infinity, please grab a few of our business cards to give out to interested friends. The cards have a basic map on the back of them, as well as our contact information.

There are a couple easy ways to recommend us online. You can ”like” our Facebook fan page and invite others to do the same. If you prefer, you can e-mail friends the link to our Location page which has directions to the store and a map.

We’ve also got a way for you to recommend Infinity to friends and get a small cash bonus. We’ve got some coupons you can give to friends. When a friend saves money by using the coupon, we’ll credit your account with $5. You can either get the cash in hand or use this as store credit on your textbook purchases here.